Why the hell not.

June 6, 2011 2 comments

So as an experiment, this week I am going to try to have a new post every day. Why? Because I can goddamnit. I consider it an experiment, I will be seeing if I can post about a thousand words a day (likely a little less, depending on how lazy I get. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

So what shall we talk about today? Well, the only real game I have been playing recently is…Super Smash Brothers. Uh. Woo!

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Destroying my Iphones battery life: Game Dev Story

May 30, 2011 1 comment

So last week or so I was desperately in need of a way to procrastinate, and the internet was being surprisingly unhelpful. As a result of this, and a long series of very random thoughts and decisions that made sense at the time, I bought the first iPhone game I have bought in a long time.  Its called Game Dev story, but if like most people you looked at the picture before reading this you already figured that out.

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Poor-Man’s Gaming: Minecraft

May 23, 2011 2 comments

Just a warning for you guys, this is going to be the first time this is really “poor-man’s gaming” and not “totally-free gaming”.  I will start by saying this game is €14.95, which google tells me is a little over $20.00 Canadian. I will also say that this game has, in my case, paid for itself a million times over.

What game could this possibly be that I want to talk about it this much? I bet I have you on the edge of your seat just wo-…oh. I put it in the title. Damn.

Yeah its Minecraft.

This game involves crafting, and possibly some mining.

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Poor-Man’s Gaming: League Of Legends

May 16, 2011 1 comment

League of Legends is considered to be one of the hardest games to get into, and its pretty easy to see why. It’s a game that requires split second reaction time, incredible awareness, and knowledge of all of its characters, and every move they have.

76 characters in total, and still they add more.

If you can get past all of that though? Totally worth it.

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Poor-Man’s Gaming: Alien Swarm

May 9, 2011 2 comments

This is the start of an ongoing thing I will be doing on this blog: telling you how to have an awesome time gaming for, if not free, then really cheap.

Today I am going to be talking about Alien Swarm.

If you are guessing this game involves Aliens, and the swarming of them. YOU ARE RIGHT.

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Technical Difficulties.

May 9, 2011 Leave a comment

So recently I have been having problems with wordpress, specifically with images. This has caused my blog to grind to a hault…as you have probably noticed.

See, what happens is, when I try to put a picture in the middle of my posts, with a little comment underneith (see every post with pictures in it on my blog), it for some reason puts all the rest of my text from the post INTO the comment. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it.

Short Stories, part 1: The Chrono-Assassin

April 15, 2011 1 comment

((so I have a ton of random ideas floating around my head, and its getting cluttered. I barely have enough room for the voices now! To fix this, I am going to write some of them out as short stories. These may be funny, they may be exciting, they may be terrible. I don’t care.))

John Smith sighed to himself as he pulled the string on the pull-string light. The horrible bulb barely lit the corner of his unfinished basement, but it was enough for him to find the shelf he stored all of his stuff on. He put the camping supplies away, and would have left there but something caught his eye. It was a lever, hidden in the darkest corner behind a shelf. He smiled to himself ever so slightly “how could I have forgotten?” he whispered lightly. He moved over to the lever, and pulled the lever. A wall swung away silently, taking entire shelves with it, exposing a massive room behind.

The contents in this room would have made any technology lover weep. There were fully functional jet packs mounted to the wall, full suits of specially designed combat-armor in their own special pods, and weapons no one had ever seen sitting in special racks. There was technology for breathing where there was no air, for walking straight up walls, for speaking any language, for hacking any computer, and some whose functions were lost to the ages. All of this paled though, to two devices that sat in the middle of the room, sealed in a special air-tight glass case. John moved straight to them, not even looking at anything else. He brushed a hand across the glass, then pushed a big red button on the side of the case. The glass slid back with a hiss, and the objects platform raised slowly. John carefully picked up the larger of the two objects, a two-handed rifle that looked far too complicated. This was a chrono-rifle, and by all the laws of the universe, it shouldn’t have existed. He hefted the gun in his hands, looking down its sights. Instantly, he could see a thousand years in the past, as if it was right before his eyes. He adjusted the knobs on the scope, decades passing before his eyes.

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