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Scratching that MMO itch.

Yes. I missed my deadline for twice a week. Argh. I will, from now on, be posting once a week on Mondays, and then extra posts when I feel they are necessary. Cool? Cool.

So for those of you who know me, you will know I played World Of Warcraft pretty religiously a long time ago. It was what kept me going through the last few years of highschool and the first year of college. I had my lovely level 70 Draenei mage named “Kadganris”, who was everything I could possibly want from a character: He spent most of his time fishing instead of doing anything useful, and was generally just not very exciting for anyone but me. I loved him.

I stopped playing just before Wrath of the Lich King dropped, as I was rapidly running out of time to play, and to be honest the game felt stale. I haven’t gone back yet, and to do so now would cost a distressing amount of money. Unfortunately, the urge to play still rises every once in a while, which means i have resorted to other MMO’s to try to help. Here are some of those.

Rest in peace you magnificent bastard, we will meet again.

For my birthday I got what could easily be written off as a kids game, Lego Universe.

However don’t write it off, as its fantastic. Subtle references and jokes, puns for names, and a ridiculous physics systems make it fun!

The Good: It was a lot of fun! The writing was surprisingly clever, and it was the first time I have ever seen successful platforming in an MMO.

The Bad: Pay per month, which is thankfully a dying breed. Also this is the first MMO I have seen that has an ending, you can beat in about a day, which is kind of…meh. The game comes with a free month, so play that, and you are good!

Next up is a game I downloaded for free over steam! So…thats cool right?

Champions Online!

The good: Uh. I barely played it, but it reminded me of city of heroes, which is good. What little I played was fun, the combat was simple but effective, and you could pick up and throw things, which didn’t get old. Also the character creator is amazing, which is part of my problem, I can’t settle on the character I want to play.

The Bad: Well, being free to play, it forced its in-game store down my throat so hard I nearly choked on it, as well it barely runs on my laptop, and while my laptop isn’t all that great, I am still slightly offended. City of heroes ran fine and it didn’t look much better.

Still, its free, and if you have a decent computer it seems fun. If nothing else download it for its crazy character customizer.

I played a few more mmos too, most of them were barely worth mentioning (one of my favorite free-to-play games was 9Dragons, a lame martial arts MMO that was taken off the internet relatively recently, which is a shame), those that seemed good, wouldn’t run on my laptop (such as APB, something I will rant about at a later date), others simply weren’t interesting enough to be worth continuing on (such as Dynasty Warriors Online, which I will also talk about despite no longer playing it), and some I only lost interest in because no one else would play with me (Like Bots…or Botz. Or something, its made by Acclaim and was silly and reminded me or Reboot).

So I learned to ignore my WoW itch, and instead played League of Legends a lot, and I still play League of Legends a lot. In fact, I played it so much, I forgot I even missed WoW!

Last week, my friend convinced me to download a new MMO, called “Eden Eternal“. On paper, this sounds like they took everything I hate about japanese games, and made an MMO about it: Everything is Chibi, the characters have stupid expressions, the quests speak constantly about “Destiny, chosen one, hope, love, light” exc while at the same time telling you nothing useful, and the monsters are all just pallet swaps of each other.

And in practice its…well its that. The quests are awful, they constantly involve fighting, the characters all look identical so in a busy town its very tough to find your friends, the inventory is terribly confusing, and to be honest it’s really unbalanced, a hunter and a healer can clear through tough dungeions with no effort at all, and since you can change classes at will, you can easilly tank a fight if you need to.

And yet I keep wanting to play it. That was the power of WoW, years later I still want to play something resembling it, even if I don’t like it.

So until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out, I am asking for your help here: Find me a good, free, simple, fun MMO I can play with my friends. I know that seems like a tall order, and it is, but at this point I need something to fill the times I am not playing League of Legends. I can’t go back to WoW, not now, I am clean of that demon!

Also I know I haven’t talked about Duke Nukem Forever yet, but shh, I haven’t finished it. Maybe next week. Until then, please comment with some mmo ideas.

  1. Zombie Chimp
    June 21, 2011 at 4:13 AM

    I know what you mean, I’m still trying to find something that can fill the gap until Old republic comes up…

    Personally, I think you should try the following…

    Lord of the Rings Online: Most of the game is free to play, but there is a subscription option as well if you want more.
    Allods online – Free-to-play Wow clone, nicely presented with a nice player-base.
    Runes of Magic – Another free-to-play WoW clone, with some nice little touches and big player base.

    Although, I’m not sure whether WoW clones would be the best for someone going ‘cold-turkey’…

  2. Sian
    June 21, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    Is Eden worth giving a shot at all? I got a beta invite, but was thrown off a bit by the graphical style. Anyway, good article as always!

  3. June 21, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    The only one that ive played and thought was kinda fun is called Allods I’m sure ive mentioned it to you before although you may not like it because it seems to be really close to WoW you can always give that a shot though\

  4. June 21, 2011 at 1:08 PM

    Quick search of the interwebs has revealed some interesting news: City of Heros and Lego Universe are both going free to play, just announced today. Its like I am psychic or something.

    Zombie Chimp: I actually had a free trial for Lord of The Rings back when it WASN’T free to play. It didn’t really tickle my fancy, as I am not that big a WoW fan I guess.

    Allods. Both you and Evan down there mention it, what is it?

    And Sian: Eden is…ok. They have a neat feature that if you click on the quest objective, your character auto-paths there, and you can dye your armor (of course your armor never changes aside from the dye, so two people of the same class will look nearly identicle, but they do anyway in WoW so I don’t think thats a problem).

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