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Dragons and robots and aliens oh my!

So for day four I am going to talk about an older RTS that has always tickled my fancy. It stands forever as the only RTS that I like all three playable races in, to a point that on the army select screen I am left staring at the three choices forever, just trying to make up my mind. This game didn’t sell very well, which really surprises me because everyone I have shown it to, thought it was absolutely amazing.

I am talking about Rise Of Legends.

Also some of you may be noticing that this  actually is going up on friday (its 2:30 am), but fuck that this counts.

So Rise of Legends (not Rise of Nations, I will get to that in a minute) is a basic RTS. The gameplay changes depending on which army you play, but it doesn’t deviate too far from the usual “Gather resources to build troops then crush enemies” formulae. What appeals to me the most is the different troops. Your choices are the humans, which are steam punk, aliens, which are Aztec future-past tech (…it makes sense, trust me), and last but not least there are the magic users, which range from dragons to scorpions to genies, and more. All three races have something that appeal to me, and in fact none of them annoy me, which is rare. Enough talk though! Lets see some gameplay!


Oh right, this is a game from 2006. I need to update it. Hold on.

Yes I know its text, and when you read this the game would have been updated hours ago. Shhh. Let me pretend.

There we go!

That. That sure is some gameplay there.

Ok so it doesn’t look like much, but that’s not whats important here. We are looking at the magic-using race (Alin). Their cities float in giant holes in the ground, which strikes me as pretty pointless as they create the holes first then float in them. Anyway, when the game begins your early concerns are pretty standard, collect resources and expand. Interestingly enough, I have never bought a non-endgame unit. All of my units are given to me by my cities, so I have never needed to build anything else. I often have an army ten times bigger then my opponents, and the basic troops are useless so I never worry about it.

Each army have three heroes (those grayed out portraits in the upper left corner there), and one “super unit” that they can’t build until the end and can only have one of. These super units are my favorite part of the game, as they are nearly impossible to destroy and hilarious to bring into battle. For the Alin (the guys I am playing as in all these pictures) their super unit is a “Glass Dragon”, which sounds stupid but isn’t…or rather is less stupid than it sounds. They are nearly invincible, can heal, and blow stuff up with shards of class. I have no idea how they don’t shatter, but whatever not relevant. The aliens (Cuotl)’s special unit is called “City of Vengeance”. See if you can guess what that is, it’s very subtle. If you guessed anything but a moving City, stop reading this blog please. It can shoot lasers, and random lightning bolts, which are cool things to do for a city. My favorite special unit though belongs to the Vinci, who have a thing called “The Land Leviathan”. For those of you who have seen Will Smiths Wild Wild West movie, it’s that ridiculous giant steam punk spider, but much bigger, and with drills, which also can explode, and it has missiles, and it can teleport to anywhere on the map and is just generally absolutely insane. Can we see more gameplay now? Maybe see one of those super units or whatever?


Hmm. I don’t..Oh! Theres one in the top corner! Theres a glass dragon! Yeah the screen-shots aren’t the best, which is a shame, but the camera doesn’t zoom out too far and a lot of the units take up a lot of the screen. It makes it tough to get good screenshots. The game is worth checking out if nothing else, it’s a lot of fun. You can still get it in stores if you are lucky, and you can find it online on Amazon for about 15 dollars. Is it the best RTS I have ever played? No that honor still falls to Supreme Commander 2 (the name of which took me ten minutes to remember, so that tells me its time to wrap this up), but is it worth checking out? definitely. It has a fun built-in political system that allows you to only have one “Ally” at a time, but peace with everyone else, meaning you need to pick your ally well.

While I am gone, here’s some cool pictures from the opening of each races major city.

Talk to you again in a few hours when I do fridays post! For those of you reading this from the future, go ahead and read fridays post now! Lucky bastards.

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