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E3 thoughts

E3! WOO! For those of you who don’t know, E3 is the place where all the biggest game companies like to make excitable gamers like me cream their pants… metaphorically, not literally, although in some cases I am sure it is literal.

Anyway, lots of new revelations for games, a lot of which look awesome! Lets go over my personal favorites!
Right off the bat. SKYRIM! WOOOO SKYRIM! We have game-play!

((via Gametrailers))

Damn! That’s awesome…aside from the interviewer who I really don’t care about. Game-play is definitely improved! DRAGONS! HOLY SHIT DRAGONS! Dragons that steal your giant! I was fighting that! Give it…oh he dropped it. Never mind! The magic is exciting! The sword combat…kinda sucks actually, I wont be doing much of that, except for finishing moves! Fuck yeah! Man I am so psyched for this game! The magic that causes a storm at the end was really cool, I hope there will be more like that, like tornadoes and stuff. Also I noticed this but no one else seemed to: When the dragon crash-lands, it seems to destroy the land it crashes into. Destructible terrain? Hell to the yeah! He casually mentions that there is something like 150 dungeons in this. Assuming they don’t all look the same (like Oblivion) that is a ridiculous amount. Add to that 300+ hours of game-play NOT including all the time I will spend doing fuck-all, this game will absorb my life ridiculously hard. I am alright with that. Who needs school, or work anyway?

Next up on my list of things that will be absorbing my money soon: Assassins Creed Revelations

((via Machinima))

Wow. Ezio is looking good for an old man. He’s also looking quite a bit more dexterous than I would at that age. He took that arrow early on like a bit of a bad-ass, given it was in the shoulder (not a good place to be shot) it didn’t seem to bother him too much. There is another trailer I won’t link here, but it involves Desmond spoiling everything from Assassins Creed Brotherhood (or as I call it, Ass Creed, Bros in the Hood). While we have yet to really see game-play, I already know I am going to like it. Its assassins creed! Of course it will be good!

And now something that almost slipped past my Radar. Halo 4.

((you know what they will all be from Machinima now))

Uh. Cool. Looks…good? Where did he get that jet-pack from? He sure as hell didn’t have it in Halo 3, that would have made life much easier! Why is the ship exploding? Is Michael Bay directing this all of a sudden? I mean sure, the ship is in half, but it was drifting for quite a while I thought. This one wont be made by Bungie, so I am fully prepared for this one to suck completed.

Moving on.

I want.
Also I want Saints Flow.

There are more too, but I am running out of time here. Other game announcements that got me excited was “World Of Warplanes”, from the makers of World Of Tanks, Minecraft on the Kinect, and the new Hitman game. There are other games I am less excited for, but others are psyched for: Deus Ex: human revolution for one.

What are you guys excited for?

  1. Brenna
    June 7, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    dude, the graphics in skyrim are awesome and assassins creed looks super intense. definitely want to see more of that.

  2. Nick Romain
    June 8, 2011 at 9:38 AM


    maybe only bungie meant that, and another company took it on. I’m confused

    • June 8, 2011 at 12:26 PM

      Thats a comon mistake, indeed it was only Bungie who said they were stepping away. Microsoft still owns halo.

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