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Short Stories, part 1: The Chrono-Assassin

April 15, 2011 1 comment

((so I have a ton of random ideas floating around my head, and its getting cluttered. I barely have enough room for the voices now! To fix this, I am going to write some of them out as short stories. These may be funny, they may be exciting, they may be terrible. I don’t care.))

John Smith sighed to himself as he pulled the string on the pull-string light. The horrible bulb barely lit the corner of his unfinished basement, but it was enough for him to find the shelf he stored all of his stuff on. He put the camping supplies away, and would have left there but something caught his eye. It was a lever, hidden in the darkest corner behind a shelf. He smiled to himself ever so slightly “how could I have forgotten?” he whispered lightly. He moved over to the lever, and pulled the lever. A wall swung away silently, taking entire shelves with it, exposing a massive room behind.

The contents in this room would have made any technology lover weep. There were fully functional jet packs mounted to the wall, full suits of specially designed combat-armor in their own special pods, and weapons no one had ever seen sitting in special racks. There was technology for breathing where there was no air, for walking straight up walls, for speaking any language, for hacking any computer, and some whose functions were lost to the ages. All of this paled though, to two devices that sat in the middle of the room, sealed in a special air-tight glass case. John moved straight to them, not even looking at anything else. He brushed a hand across the glass, then pushed a big red button on the side of the case. The glass slid back with a hiss, and the objects platform raised slowly. John carefully picked up the larger of the two objects, a two-handed rifle that looked far too complicated. This was a chrono-rifle, and by all the laws of the universe, it shouldn’t have existed. He hefted the gun in his hands, looking down its sights. Instantly, he could see a thousand years in the past, as if it was right before his eyes. He adjusted the knobs on the scope, decades passing before his eyes.

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