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On the subject of pokemon

March 24, 2011 3 comments

Pokémon. Chances are good you already know exactly what I am talking about with that one little word. Pokémon has affected millions of people, from the video game series (great!), to the card game (we all played it at least once!), to the TV show (was great once! Apparently still worth watching), to the immensely successful movies…you get the idea.

Now a lot of people I know (less than I would have expected) have had nothing to do with Pokémon since the first game came out. “Pft, these new Pokémon are lame, the original 150 are still the best” is something I hear a lot. Well since a new game came out recently (its AMAZING), I want to tell people about some of the immense changes the series has had, and why it’s easily one of the deepest RPGs out there.

Oh god I can name most of these what have I become.

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What do I like in games, pt2

March 3, 2011 3 comments

I cannot believe I forgot the one thing I like most in games, Co-op.


Co-op play is what brings me back to mediocre games, and makes me play them over and over and over. Perfect example (though it’s not exactly mediocre) is one I already mentioned, Red Dead Redemption. I am going to be honest, and a lot of people are going to think me stupid for this, but I never played the single player for Red Dead. As great as I heard it was, I was having far too much fun traveling the immense world with two of my friends, shooting each other and shouting at each other over the mics.

…It was more fun then it sounds.

You should probably play the single know, do as I say, not as I do.

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